3.0m high, stainless

YES! The Swing is an all time playground favourite: children love swinging, individually and together. Swinging is pure thrill and joy, being swung up and down, using the whole body to increase speed, or slow down. The seat is shaped with a slight curve in the middle, to facilitate the secure seat position of a wide age span. A great place to play, for all ages, for hours and days. Swinging apart from being great fun, trains the children’s ABC: agility, balance and coordination as well as their spatial awareness. These motor skills are crucial to being able to judge distances and navigate, traffic safely. Swings allows for standing sitting, laying – and not least jumping off. Apart from the motor skills training, this trains the arm, leg and core muscles. The jumping off builds bone density – the majority of which is built up during the first years of life.

Huskesete for H=3.0m, kjetting rustfritt stål


Huskesete for H=3.0m, kjetting galv. stål


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Produktnummer: SW990012

Produkt: Husker og Huskestativer

Produtgruppe: Enkeltstående Lekeapparater



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